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Judge Ruled in My Favor… Now What?

You've had your day in court... and you WON! Congratulations... Now what? If you're reading this your probably wondering what to do next. This is where Big Boss Legal comes in. Winning the judgment is great, but the judgment is only worth the amount of paper that it is written on.


Unfortunately that judgment has no value until you actually collect on it. And I'm sure someone at the courts has already advised you that there is no magic ATM that spits out the amount owed which pays you as you exit the court room.


In order to recover the money ordered to be paid by the judge you must act fast and make sure you get the process started because in this day and age you are dealing with many factors that will bring your efforts to a screeching halt.


Judgment Recovery

Judgment recovery is a necessary function in today’s Financial Market. More and more people and businesses are experiencing economic growing pains and others economic hardships that lead to the imminent courtroom battles. These battles are eventually resolved and generate court ordered judgments in favor of the prevailing party. Recent statistics show that the previous studies that reported 80% of all judgments remain unrecovered has increased to 95%.


The contributing factor to this increase has been associated with the current economic recession alongside the fact that the knowledge base to recover such judgments is limited to a handful of professionals that dedicate themselves to balancing the scales and finding justice for the creditors and individuals who have been harmed.


Big Boss Legal has its primary location in Southern California, and serves the entire west coast. We provide services for Pre and Post judgment clients such as Debtor Location Information Services, Court Documentation Preparation Services, Debt Collections Services and Judgment Enforcement Services.

Please put 10% in interest rate box when calculating your current value. California allows 10% simple interest per year.

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