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What does process serving mean?

Service of process or process serving is a key part of what is known as the Due Process of Law. If any actions are taken against someone in a court of law, he or she must be notified of the fact under US law. Process service is the way that he or she is notified. A professional known as a process server will find this person and hand deliver court documents to them so that they are fully informed. Depending on the court case one is involved in, a process server may deliver subpoenas, summons, complaints, order to show cause, or writs.

Each state has its own process serving laws and rules that govern civil procedure. Process servers must follow these laws and rules in order to legally deliver court documents. In most cases, a process server must deliver documents to someone by hand. In cases where this is not possible, “substituted service” may be another option. In this legal process of service, court documents are left with management personnel at someone’s place of business or are left with an adult resident of someone’s home. If service can’t be perfected some states allow the service document to be published in a newspaper or other publication. In these instances, the process server also needs to send a copy of the documents via certified mail.

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Process Server - County of Los Angeles Registered Process Server who specializes in finding and serving evasive defendants:

  • Process Server: Small Claims
  • Service of Process: Family Law Cases
  • Process Serving: Unlawful Detainer
  • Process Server: Civil Subpoena
  • Service of Process: Statement of Damages
  • Process Serving: Summons Of Complaint
  • Process Server: Child Support Cases
  • Service of Process: Probate
  • Process Serving: Order To Show Cause
  • Process Server: Emergency Restraining Order
  • Service of Process: Notice Of Hearing
  • Process Serving: Order After Hearing
  • Process Server: Out Of State Citations
  • Service of Process: Plaintiff's Claim
  • Process Serving: Defendant's Claim
  • Process Server: Substitute Service Order
  • Service of Process: Court Filing
  • Process Serving: Legal Documents Delivery Service
  • Process Server: 3-Day, 30-Day & 60-Day Notice
  • Service of Process: Court Records Research And Retrieval
  • Process Serving: Order For Appearance & Examination
  • Process Server: Debtor's Hearing
  • Service of Process: Orap
  • Process Serving: Earnings Withholding Order
  • Process Server: Wage Garnishments
  • Skip Tracing - Only In Conjunction With Service Of Process

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